The Loka

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Journey through the vast lands of the Loka to explore the various kingdoms located in different corners of the continent. Learn the lore of the different kingdoms and hopefully you will find your new home.


The Guardians are comprised of the higher beings fabricated though Brahma's energy surge. Every race has their own strengths and weaknesses aiding them in various types of combats. Learn more about the different races below and join the kingdom.


Vanaras are monkey-like humanoids that live in deep, warm forests and lush jungles. Their entire body is covered by fur but is still able to grow hair just like normal humans would. A vanara usually stands shorter and weighs slightly less than an average human, making them more agile. They also have tails that help them balance themselves when hopping from tree to tree.


The Yaksha Kingdom is a tribe of mythical creatures. The Yakshas facial characteristics are most noticeable, having big round bulging eyes and protruding fangs. They also stand tall against an average human, matching their strong and fierce personality. Their kingdom is of enormous wealth, which allows them for a strong military and able to fulfill duties as guardians of many notable monks.


Garudas are noble bird-like creatures that inhabit steep rocky hills. They live in isolation, with little to no communication with other societies. Despite this, due to their impetuous and gallant behavior, they are not hesitant to help nearby communities when in need. The Garudas have sharp claws and bird talons, accompanying their large glinting eyes and serrated beak. The Garudas are enemies to the Nagas, an intelligent race of serpent-like beings.


Nagas are a race of half-human half-serpent beings that occasionally take on human forms. The Nagas are a strong and proud race that is often associated with bodies of water. Their intelligence and long lifetimes allow for a modern society, suitable for serving as protectors and guardians of treasures; both in material wealth and spiritual wealth. Their strength and venom are feared most in fights which could be lethal for most humans. Their mortal enemies are the Garuda, the legendary bird-like creatures.


Devas are supernatural divine beings who act in angelic ways, such as guarding and praying for the people. The term “Deva” means “shining ones” because Devas are beings who have reached spiritual enlightenment.The Devas are tasked with regulating the universe against the demonic forces, the Ashuras. Though Devas might seem godly, they are not immortal. They live for a very long but finite period of time, ranging from thousands to billions of years.


Spirits of the deceased who did not receive proper burials or held a strong grudge prior to their deaths. Those with strong enough spiritual powers can possess corpses to move, the corpse will no longer decay while it is inhabited. Most Vetalas feast on the souls of the lost who wander into the forests, but few exist where they guard villages.

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The Lokan Story

Join us in the journey of the origin story behind Atevada. The Relics of Loka storyline is the origin storyline for what Atevada will be built upon, covering how the Loka came to be as well as the war of the Lokans. Come join this adventure as we follow the Guardians in their attempt to bring peace back to the Loka.